Infographic: The Top 3 Categories for Father's Day Gifts

Posted by Amber Rankin on Jun 6, 2014 9:30:22 PM

As an advertiser, knowing exactly where to target to get the most bang for your buck can be a bit of a guessing game. And of course, with the gift-giving holiday of Father's Day upon us, we all want to take advantage of this opportunity to get our message out to consumers. Check out our Father's Day infographic with some fun info about this year's Father's day.

How are you going to target Father's Day gift shoppers?

What if I told you that to target a mom buying clothing or apparel for dear 'ol dad this year you are 71 times more likely to find her on the Drumstick, Sparkle, and Happy Family Facebook Pages? 

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How One Company Saw a 40% Reduction in Acquisition Cost Using Facebook

Posted by Amber Rankin on May 28, 2014 1:13:26 PM

Wait, you're kidding right? A 40% reduction in acquisition cost? 

Yes, you read that right! And, that's not all. This company also saw Facebook leads that converted 2x times the previous conversion rate! Wouldn't you love to see the same results in your next direct response campaign on Facebook?

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Still Looking for that Perfect Mother’s Day Gift?

Posted by Amber Rankin on May 7, 2014 10:17:00 PM

Find out which brands Moms love on Facebook.

Mother’s Day 2014 is swiftly approaching, if you’re like most of us, you probably want to get a present for that special Mom in your life.  But if she’s been unwrapping kitchen gadgets and boxes of tulips for years, it’s time for a change. 

So, what does Mom really want for Mother’s Day? We collect likelihood to recommend data every day from Fans (even Moms!) of thousands of brands on Facebook. We delved into this Facebook brand loyalty data to see which brands Moms were more likely to recommend. Check out the findings below to help you decide on a Mother’s Day present that will get you on her good side!

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Using Facebook to Measure TV Show Commercial’s Effectiveness

Posted by Amber Rankin on Jan 10, 2014 10:49:00 AM

Interested in using Facebook for market research? A major TV network and its ad agency recognized the power and ease of using Facebook for this purpose and the research yielded results that tell a great story.  

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What’s New? Tool Updates You’ll Wonder How You Lived Without!

Posted by Amber Rankin on Dec 5, 2013 2:29:00 PM

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REPORT: More Consumers Shopping Black Friday Online in 2013

Posted by Bobby Redfern on Nov 21, 2013 4:02:00 PM

The big question: Are consumers spending more time in bed, avoiding long lines to shopping online this year?

While giant crowds and Black Friday go hand-in-hand we're seeing a huge trend with online sales getting better from year to year. Waiting in bed with a laptop, with a fresh cup of coffee is easier and less hectic thanks to sites like and any of the big box .com's ability to match in-store deals online. 

Since the holiday season is upon us, we're always eager to study changes in attitudes and behaviors of online vs. in-store shopping during Black Friday. Many brands and businesses can make a lot of intelligent conclusions about attitudinal data, because we all know that most brick and mortars put all of their eggs in the Black Friday basket. Here's a great look at online purchase intent for Black Friday 2013 compared to 2012 self-reported behavior using the LoudDoor Revolution Platform.*

Download Our Free 2013 Black Friday Report: 

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Get Served! Super Sized Quick Service Restaurant Data

Posted by Amber Rankin on Oct 28, 2013 5:00:00 PM

We recently launched a survey because we wanted to study peoples behaviors and preferences towards Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) like McDonald’s or Taco Bell. We conducted the survey on Facebook, just like our monthly syndicated Brand Satisfaction survey, and gathered 1,508 responses.   

Take a look at the data we collected by signing up for the demonstration QSR account in our Revolution Platform or continuing reading for our synopsis of the data. Get Access Now!

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LoudDoor CEO Guest Blogs on about Brand Relevance

Posted by Amber Rankin on Oct 5, 2013 11:26:00 AM

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And the Winner is...

Posted by Amber Rankin on Sep 25, 2013 2:43:00 PM

Hopefully, one of this year’s 2013 Forrester Groundswell Award recipients will be Kenshoo Social and Sears Holdings Corporation for their work on Kmart’s “Ship My Pants” social media ad campaign.

LoudDoor was excited to work with Kenshoo Social and Sears on this project to develop targeting criteria and measure NPS® and awareness lift. Some of the key metrics Kenshoo reports include:
    • 40,000+ new likes on Facebook for Kmart
    • One of the campaign’s amplified posts received: over 39,000 likes, 4,000 comments, and 20,000 shares
    • 10% lift in Net Promoter Score among Kmart fans acquired via “Ship My Pants” Facebook ads
    • Raised awareness through “Ship My Pants” video Facebook ads among the 70% of non-fans who were previously unaware of the free shipping offering, effectively penetrating a new market for Kmart
Targeting criteria generated by LoudDoor’s Revolution dashboard is platform agnostic and can be used within Facebook’s native ad platform or in your preferred media buying tool.

Best of luck to Kenshoo Social and Sears Holding Corporation, we’re rooting for you!

Check out details of the campaign and their Groundswell entry by visiting


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Market Research on Facebook: The Story of Big Box Retailer & a Viral Video

Posted by Amber Rankin on Aug 30, 2013 9:43:00 AM

LoudDoor worked with a big box retailer to help them monitor the effect of a bold video campaign on their consumer sentiment.  

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