Infographic: Top 3 Categories for Father’s Day Gifts

When it comes to advertising around Father’s Day, it really is not rocket science. First, you must know what the main category types are for gifts and then you can maximize on those categories. You want to take advantage of the knowledge you have about the holiday in order to maximize your profits during this time, especially if your products fall into one of these top three categories.


Tools make up the biggest percentage of the categories at 39%. In this category are power tools, gardening equipment, and home improvement items. This dad is likely someone who likes to do things with his hands. To target the purchaser, you will need to look at what they will research for the gift and go from there. Home improvement stores, like Home Depot and Lowe’s are a great place to start.


You guessed it, ties are included in this category. Ties are the easy clothing gift for Father’s Day and this category makes up 37%. However, there is more to it than ties. You can also look into targeting buyers of sports apparel and like items. To target them, think of unique ways to reach them in the sports field.


Electronics are always an ideal gift for Father’s Day so it is no surprise that this category makes up 34%. Electronic gifts can widely range from the newest gaming system on the market, to a laptop, to even a new phone. Since there are many options with this category, you will need to narrow down your focus in order to get the customers.

Advertising Tactics

Something to think about with each of these categories are who is actually doing the purchasing of these items. As you can see on our infographic, mothers who are aged 21-45 with children under ten tend to purchase Father’s Day gift. That means you cannot simply advertise to the dad’s to reach your market. You must advertise to the mothers who are actually purchasing the items. Take a look to see where you should consider focusing your efforts.


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